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Other Spells


Money In the House

Are you having trouble paying the bills on time? Is your landlord always harassing?

Don’t lose hope! Magic spells for money can solve all of your problems. Effective magical spells and incantations can make all of your dreams come true.


Money In The Bank Acccount

The title of this spell is one of a kind and an eye-catcher of sorts. It is not named so to draw in individuals but because of its actual functioning.

This spell will build your bank balance and money as far as possible. Magic spells never fail to amaze and surprise us with their actual power.


Attract Wealth Spells

Experience a dramatic increase in your bank account. Gain respect of friends, loved ones.

Feel people drawing closer to you, wanting to be near you, having your success rub off on them. Enjoy the luxuries of life previously unavailable or unattainable to you. 

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