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spells-to-attract-moneyIf your economic situation is not the best, you have reached the right place. If you’re here, it’s because you need to improve your finances, isn’t it? Enough of continuing to ruin your life with unnecessary loans! Ensure your prosperity and a better quality of life with spells to attract money.

Spells to attract money

It is very common to encounter a lot of spells focused on the magic of money. Some of them serve to help you out of the crisis and others to boost some business. Next, I will describe the best spells to solve your money problems.

The oil of money

Magic oils mixed with essences are used to attract good luck and prosperity to your life. If essences have wonderful effects when used separately, imagine them mixed!

This oil can be prepared at home very easily. You only need a base oil, and essences of sandalwood, patchouli, ginger, vetiver, and orange.


  1. Use 1/8 cup of base oil and add:
    1. 4 drops of sandalwood
    2. 3 drops of ginger
    3. 3 drops of patchouli
    4. 2 drops of vetiver
    5. 1 drop of orange
  2. Mix the essences with the oil while visualizing your prosperous future. Focus on the aroma emitted by the mixture of this magic oil. When finished, store it in a cool and dark place.

Use: The oil of money is a sacred ointment. Use it to spread candles or to anoint everything you use to attract your luck, such as talismans, other spells and even real money and lottery tickets.

The money bag | Magic Rings of Money

In popular slang, there is a saying that “only good attracts good.” What do you think if we change it a bit? Now we will say “only money attracts more money.” And so we will. The money bag is one of the spells to improve the easiest finances there is.

To prepare this spell, you need:

  • A small cloth bag with a drawstring
  • A handful of money. You can use coins from other countries that have greater value than your local currency. If it is difficult to get foreign coins, use local coins.
  • 2 candles: one silver and one gold.
  • A magic link or taglock that is related to you (a lock of your hair will work).
  • The oil we talked about recently 🙂

Preparation: Spells To Attract Money | Magic Rings of Money

  1. Light the candles while you recite the phrase “Gold and silver are richness and humility, attract money like a night full of stars.” Place the candles at a distance from the width of your shoulders.
  2. Take the coins next to your taglock and rub them between them. Think about your prosperity and that all your money problems will go away.
  3. Insert the coins and taglock into the cloth bag while saying the phrase “wealth in my bag and humility in my heart”.
  4. Pour three drops of the money oil into the bag. Close it and anoint the oil on the outside of the bag.
  5. Place the bag between the candles and until they are consumed by themselves. Then, store the bag in a dry and safe place that only you know.

The magic rings of money | Pretoria

Although they seem insignificant and obsolete, the magic rings of money are very powerful. Those who carry them, have in themselves a great assurance that their destiny will change and they feel prosperity when it comes to undertaking business. Utilize these spells to attract money immediately with magic rings of money.


The magic rings of money attract wealth, money and all kinds of business and commercial opportunities. They are a good way to get money fast and without harming other people. Also, magic money rings can make your path to wealth full of unexpected gifts and unimaginable profits.

They are an excellent option to change your luck. Also, they can be used while doing money rituals. Without a doubt, it is an excellent amulet to attract money and keep hope and prosperity alive not only in you but also in your business and your family.

The magic wallets | Johannesburg

spells-to-attract-moneyIf you are someone who has trouble saving money or business is not paying off, magic wallets are the ultimate option. Magic wallets are one of the most powerful magic tools to solve any money problem. Its effectiveness is impressive since once you have them in your hands, you start receiving money instantly.

Imagine how incredibly powerful this talisman can be when used in conjunction with other spells to attract money. It is ideal for those people who have no job and need to support their family.

Your trusted sorcerer must perform a ritual to turn your ordinary and ordinary wallet into a magical wallet. Only his spell can make you earn money day after day. Is awesome! Keep in mind that this wallet only works in the hands of the person to whom the ritual is directed.


Spells to attract money | South Africa | Gauteng


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Magic Rings of Money South Africa | Money Spells


The magic rings of money have been in existence for so many years but all kept us a secret to a few individual who knew the importance, powers and magic this amazing ring can do to transform someone’s life from poverty to riches.

God created this world and put everything that is needed to make us happy to live a good life, but through a chosen few people i.e. Dr. Victor have been gifted with special powers to cast money spells.

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